Sequant Capital Ltd offered clients the ‘opportunity’ to purchase unlisted shares in a company called Oxford Renewable Fuel Ltd. Oxford Renewable Fuel was advertised as a market leader in renewable energy, producing commercial quantities of biofuel.
Capital Markets Ltd formerly Central Markets (London) Ltd also advised many clients to invest in high-risk investments such as CFDs (Contract for Difference).  Often, encouraging clients to liquidate large stock portfolios to in turn trade these high-risk derivatives.  Investments in Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are different to investing in normal stocks and shares.
Sequent Capital LTF formerly Central Markets (London) LTD was declared in default in February 2019, maximum compensation available is £50,000.
Sequent Capital LTD has gone into liquidation. They have stopped taking on new business but have continued to meet FCA standards in dealing with their customers.
Sequent Capital LTD were connected with the following appointed representatives and agents:
  • Palmetto Investments LTD
  • STX Global LTD