CFD (Contract For Difference)

CFD’s are a type of derivative trading which allows the investor to trade on the market in real time but without ownership of the product which the investment is for. This kind of trading is really only for experienced investors who understand the market and are aware of the high risks involved. Unfortunately, many investors […]

Financial Page and the AIGO Fund

The role of these unregulated introducers has been under the spotlight for a number of years with both the Financial Conduct Authority and the financial industry as a whole considering how to tackle their involvement. These marketing companies engage in pressurised sales tactics and receive high-commissions when they make a sale( finding an investor). The […]

Cherish Wealth Management

Cherish Wealth Management Limited operated as independent financial advisers but since 2016 have been in liquidation after having faced numerous complaints about their mis-selling of SIPP pensions. We at Mendelsons Solicitors have worked on numerous claims against Cherish. We have focused on the negligent advice provided by Cherish to their pension investors most of which […]

Australian Carbon Credits

One of the biggest mis-selling swindles in today’s investment markets. This scandal has provided a field day for con men. The truth is that Australian Carbon Credits were never genuine investments and were simply part of an elaborate con to take money from innocent investors. Most investors were cold-called and offered generous returns and even […]