Northern Provident Investments operated a platform where retail customers could buy debentures and shares, which may be held in an innovative finance individual savings account or stocks and shares individual savings account. Some of these investments were mini-bonds.
 The Financial Conduct Authority has urged customers of Northern Provident Investments to remain alert to the possibility of being scammed after the firm said it was planning to enter liquidation.
In February 2020, following the firm’s application to place the firm into liquidation, the regulator imposed requirements on Northern Provident Investments for it to cease approving any further financial promotions. 
As part of these requirements Northern Provident Investments placed a statement on its website that it would no longer be offering this service.

Which Funds Were Associated With NPI?

  • Northbridge ISA
  • Ziphouse IFISA
  • Access Commercial bonds
  • Astute Capital’s IFISA
  • Satchi Holdings’ ISA-eligible bond
  • Haletone/Shetland Space Centre IFISA-eligible bond
  • Synthesis Analytics UK IFISA-eligible bond
  • Summit Resorts & Development Ltd IFISA-eligible bond
  • The Electric Vehicle Company IFISA-eligible bond
  • Leonne International IFISA-eligible bond
  • Barbican Investments
  • Azurite ISA
  • Blackmore Bond
  • Fluid Trust ISA
  • Absolute ISA
  • Acorn ISA Bond
  • Choices ISA
  • Convivia Capital’s Convivia ISA
  • FREE Wind ISA
  • Knightsbridge Capital Bond