Meet Our Team

Our team is made of passionate and highly driven individuals dedicated to providing legal professional representation.
Our team focus on providing you with the best advice and support when you need it.
Meet our team of Partners, Solicitors, Claims Handlers and support staff. 

Steven Mendelson


Steven was born and bred in Manchester and qualified as a solicitor in 1988. After training in the main areas of law including conveyancing and crime, he decided to specialise in personal injury which was quite novel in 1989 when he set up his own law firm operating from his terraced house in Whitefield, Manchester.

Much of the initial success of the practise was down to a decision to maximise the use of computer systems at a time when other law firms were not doing so, and this created a major market advantage which alongside other factors led to Mendelsons enormous initial growth. Steven has always been keen to focus on systems and workflows.

Over the years the practise has evolved from dealing with personal injury, road accident claims, credit hire, industrial disease, and PPI claims to financial mis-selling which the practise now exclusively specialises in.

Steven prides himself in running a tidy and efficient ship with client care being a top priority. He together with his senior colleagues within the practise decide on the practice’s direction in terms of areas of law and to maximise clients’ damages within the minimum time. All work carried out within the practise is on a No Win No Fee basis which means that there is always an identity of interest between the firm and the client in the outcome of cases.

Steven heads up the recruitment within the practise, the critical criteria being a sound academic background with good computer and communication skills plus an ability to get the job done well.

Simon Rabinowitz


Simon is the Mendelsons Claims and Office Manager who specialises in ensuring the procedure of each claim is handled effectively and carried out accurately ensuring the best interest of our client.

Simon finds satisfaction in clients being compensated for the investments that they have been badly mis-sold. 

Dovid Bennan


Dovid began at Mendelsons Solicitors as a Trainee Solicitors on July 2019. He soon after qualified as a Solicitor at our firm with a case of mis-selling claims and litigated debt recovery matters. Dovid also specialises in assisting in the general office, systems management and assisting other claims handlers with queries. 

Dovid enjoys the working environment at Mendelsons Solicitors and the ability to have a good work-home balance. 


Mordechai Ullman


Mordechai joined Mendelsons Solicitors in September 2019 as a Claims Handler. He specialises in Bank and Mis-sold claims ensuring that clients are updated and happy with the process. 

Mordechai strives to ensure the best results for his clients by providing regular updates and arranging excellent representation. 

Nachamah Finkel


Nachamah joined Mendelsons Solicitors in December 2022 as a Claims Handler and has gained specialist knowledge in dealing with Mis-sold Claims and Bank Claims. Her efficient and strong organisational skills means she works effectively to ensure cases progress as efficiently as possible.

Nachamah enjoys the opportunity to develop ongoing knowledge and expertise in claims while getting to know clients and understanding their daily challenges. 


Zac Brown


Zac joined Mendelsons Solicitors in August 2022 as a Liaison Manager. He ensures that clients are satisfied with the services that they have received. He is also responsible for handling any issues or concerns that may arise during the claims process. 

Zac enjoys working at Mendelsons Solicitors as it gives him an opportunity to interact with the client’s establishing rapport and building trust. He enjoys the client interaction at the beginning of the process and then seeing the final results of compensation for our clients that they would not have had if not for Mendelsons. 

Talia Jacobson


Talia began working for Mendelsons Solicitors on July 2023 as a Claims Handler specialising in Bank and Mis-sold Claims. She has gained experience and built communication skills in the claims department.

Talia enjoys ensuring that clients are happy with the service they are receiving and loves the challenge of working in a busy environment where she has the opportunity to use her strong organisational skills combined with her keen interest in the field of claims.