Simon Rabinowitz

Claims and Office Manager

Simon joined in July 2022 and is the Mendelsons Claims and Office Manager who specialises in ensuring the procedure of each claim is handled effectively and carried out accurately by all claim handlers, ensuring the best interest of our clients. He has vast experience and specialises in mis-sold shares, bank and pension claims.

Simon joined us from working as a care worker at a local special needs college where he was able to work on his active listening, empathy, problem solving and communication skills. He has found that these have become useful skills in the work he carries out today here at Mendelsons solicitors. He is a very active person who enjoys the gym, football and walking his dogs.

Simon is keen to establish a good relationship with the office and between clients and claim handlers. He finds satisfaction in clients being compensated after dedicated 100% of his time and effort into every case.

Areas of Expertise

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