My solicitor didn’t think I had a case

I Lost my Pension a number of years ago. I contacted a solicitor about my loss and they did not think I had a case so I contacted Mendelsons Solicitors who guided me and kept in regular contact with me. Penina was always very friendly and kept me up to date regularly. Thank you so much for the work you have done.

Rob James

Thank you for the great service

Dear sir, I lost my pension money through bad advice in 2015. The service and communication I have received from Mendelson’s solicitors was very truly exceptional. they kept me updated regularly and always very friendly.

Thank you for the great service.

A. Sigsworth

Really pleased with the service

We are really pleased with the service that we have received so far from Mendelsons, key points as follows:

  • We have received regular communications from the point where they took us on
  • These communications have outlined the actions that Mendeslsons are taking on our behalf along with indicative time scales
  • They have also got a claim in very quickly for us which is a major step forward
  • They recently had a change in the person who is looking after our paperwork and they communicated this with a letter of introduction
  • At no point have we had to contact them or chase anything, they really seem to be on the ball

    Overall we are more than impressed, their approach is a major step up on our experiences with what has gone before.


Cheryl and Paul

I cannot thank you enough

Hi Max,

I just wanted to thank you for directing me to Mendelsons solicitors. As ever your advice to allow them to take on the case, given that I had already been told by the FSCS there was no case to answer was spot on. Your tenacity and expert financial advice along with your superb knowledge of the financial sector certainly paid dividends.

I am pleased to inform you that the FSCS have re-evaluated my case based on the information represented by Mendelsons and I have been awarded the full £50,000 compensation having been misrepresented by the company entrusted with my pension fund.

I cannot thank you enough as had it not been for you, I would have never followed up with a claim having been told there was no claim to answer. I look forward to speaking to you in due course.
Les Roberts

Extremely happy with the way Mendelsons handled my claim

Hi Dovid. I just wanted you to know that I was extremely happy with the way yourself and Mendelsons handled my claim. You made the whole process as easy as possible for me and kept me updated along the way.  Having failed myself with an earlier claim I was delighted you were able to argue my case and obtain some compensation for me. The final settlement figure granted by the FSCS went a long way towards resolving the issues I had with Hoodless Brennan/ Beaufort Securities. Thank you.

Veronica Conlan

No hesitation recommending you to others

Dear Mr Brennan.  I write to thank thank you very much for the success in my claim, which I very much appreciate.  I would never have received anything without your very professional help and if I ever land in such a situation in the future I would have no hesitation in contacting yourself or indeed recommending to others.

Once again thank you, and wish you well in the future.

Andrew K

I was extremely happy with the service provided

After initially having my claim refused by the FCS, Dovid took up my case and proceeded to reapply my claim. The process was long, however, Dovid was diligent and continued to press the claim and proved successful in the end. I was extremely happy with the service provided, thank you

Kim Fitchett

I appreciate your professional handling of my claim

Thank you for your service in my claim. I appreciate your professional handling of it, which I found very efficient.

Anthony D

I was very pleased with the way you dealt successfully with my claim

Dear Dovid, you know well I was very pleased with the way you dealt successfully with my claim. You were thorough and  and presented your claim very well. I would certainly recommend your company.

Jonathan R

Mr L vs Northern Provident – ‘Diligent and Well informed’

Many thanks for your and your company’s diligent attention to my claims case. You have kept me well informed throughout whilst not burdening me unnecessarily with the complex technical issues and asked only for such information and evidence as was necessary at any particular stage.